Why are mаsk‎‎s not sealed?
The standard for respirators does not require a seal on the package.

What are the benefits of a respirator valve?
Маsk‎‎ respirator valve is applicable in a more stuffy environment, exhalation will be more breathable, inhaled breathing valve will automatically close, completely does not affect the use of the effect, the use of the crowd is recommended to comfort requirements of the higher and large activity.

What is a KN-95?
KN95 is a protection level

Is there any difference in the level of mаsk‎‎ protection?
Yes, there are different certification standards for different protection levels of mаsk‎‎s. 9N-95 is the detection standard of the United States, KN90 and KN-95 are the protection standards of China, mаsk‎‎ are the protection standards of Europe. The specific comparison is as follows: 9N-95 = KN-95 & gt;KN90, the higher the protection level, the better the filtering effect, but against PM2.5 can be protected.

Is KN-95 the same level of protection as 9N-95?
KN-95 is one of the levels specified in Chinese standard gb2626-2006 and 9N-95 is one of the levels specified in American standard 42 CFR 84.The technical requirements and test methods of these two levels are basically the same, but they are divided into different national standards.

Can mаsk‎‎ prevent secondhand smoke?
Respirators are not fully protective secondhand smoke, choose CM dprk-us efficiently prevent particulate matter with activated carbon mаsk‎‎s, indeed can filter out most of the particles, but because of the very limited amount of the activated carbon, filter to mаsk‎‎ the odour of particulate matter and continued volatility, for a sense of smell sensitive enough, still feel stink, and likely to doubt the respirator protection, the most effective way to reduce the secondhand smoke exposure is ventilated take a breath.

Is the mаsk‎‎ wearing too tight normal?
Protective mаsk‎‎ itself is the role of protection against harmful substances, not tight will leak, to achieve the use effect, so not tight do not protect, but if too tight, very uncomfortable, should consider changing the size (if there is), or choose other styles of mаsk‎‎s.

How can a mаsk‎‎ smell?
Respirators are made of non-woven fabric and have no taste. The smell of mаsk‎‎s is produced by the types of inkjet and rubber bands, but they are made of high-quality raw materials and will not have any impact on human health.

How long will the mаsk‎‎ last?
Mаsk‎‎s can be reused, according to the environment, dirty broken, will be replaced in time.When used for protection against non-oily particles, the cumulative use time shall not exceed 15 hours.

What is the difference between anti-particulate mаsk?
The difference of anti-particulate mаsk‎‎ includes three aspects: first, the difference of protection level;The second is the difference of wearing methods (such as headband, ear band, etc.);Three is the difference in style (such as folding, one body).
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